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Responding to risk

The tragic accident earlier this year at the Soma coal mine in Turkey’s western province of Manisa – an explosion that left 301 people dead and over 80 injured – should have been a wake-up call for the country’s authorities, pressing home the need to improve its abysmal record on mining safety. This latest tragedy represents Turkey’s worst ever industrial accident, yet the nation has a long legacy of failure when it comes to keeping its miners out of harm’s way, with at least 3,000 mine fatalities since 1941. Protesters lambasted an obsession with profitability at the expense of safety. An added bone of contention is the alleged corruption that some say has led government officials to turn a blind eye to safety breaches in return for kickbacks.

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Rise of the Machines

As robot sales rise, many remain concerned that the jobs that they replace will leave entire swathes of population out of work with no way of supporting themselves or their families. Eric Payne examines new commercial trends and reviews why the current state of thinking tells us that while complacency would be misplaced, most of the more austere visions of what awaits us are equally wide off the mark.

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The Tides of Change

Today’s global demand for minerals and metals is at an unprecedented high. Driven by a soaring world population and the consequential rise of urbanisation, the demands on the mining industry are continually rising. Yet, one company in particular is set to lead a new wave, exploring new frontiers in mineral-rich oceans for the production of high-grade, high-quantity ores and rare earths. Leonard Owen speaks to CEO of Nautilus Minerals, Mr Mike Johnston, as he reveals the Canadian firm’s innovative strategies to alleviate demand through the possibilities of deep-sea mining.

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South America’s Secret Power Player

Amid the giants of the region, it is easy to forget the striking growth being demonstrated today by many Latin American countries – chief among them Peru, which boasts numerous accolades as the continent’s most promising business destination. Tony White examines the challenges and possibilities shaping this emergent economy, and the benefits promised both domestically and regionally as these manifest.

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Latest News

01/09/2014 / Global Pipe Company

GPC receives first big order from Saudi Aramco

Global Pipe Company, a dynamic manufacturer of thick-walled pipes for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and neighbouring GCC markets, has been awarded its first contract from regional oil & gas giant Saudi Aramco. The contract will see the business produce 84,000 metric tons of steel for a 150-kilometre pipeline, which will serve Saudi Aramco’s East-West Gas and NGL projects.

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26/08/2014 / Global Opportunity Network

DNV GL on turning global risks into sustainable opportunities

A new global initiative launched by DNV GL and Monday Morning Global Institute aims to identify opportunities for sustainable responses to a range of global risks. A series of eight workshops around the globe marks the start of the identification process. The results will be published in the first Global Opportunity Report in January 2015.

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