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In deep water

China finds itself in a difficult position both domestically and internationally, after a court at The Hague dismissed its claims to around 85 per cent of the South China Sea. Yet the Asian superpower’s previous and unequivocal assertion that it would not recognise such a ruling means the contested 3.5-million-square-kilometres of maritime space today lies at the heart of a geopolitical spat that has become both increasingly global and dangerously sour.

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Unlocking ‘unburnable carbon’

New global commitments to driving down carbon emissions place unprecedented pressure on industry to make improvements regarding energy efficiency. Yet additional innovations will be required in order for targets to be met, with carbon capture and storage (CCS) as one of the more promising options. Dr Sara Budinis, Research Associate at the Sustainable Gas Institute at Imperial College London, describes the strong potential of CCS to mitigate climate change.

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Share and share alike

From the exponential growth of Uber and the exciting possibilities of TechShop in developed markets to locally-tuned rideshare apps in emerging ones, the shared economy is a term that’s on every savvy investor’s radar. Helena Haimes looks at its extraordinary evolution and potential for further growth, alongside the regulatory obstacles that could threaten its expansion.

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Choppy Waters

Few would argue that the shipping industry has experienced a tough time so far in 2016. The end of the commodities super-cycle has caused a fall in demand; a problem exacerbated by over-supply in all market segments and a corresponding slump in global trade. However, an unexpected saviour may be on the horizon, in the form of new environmental regulations. Karl Wright reports.

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