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A new age of innovation

“As we look out around the world, we realise that the tech ecosystems are getting bigger and stronger,” said David Drummond, Senior VP of Corporate Development at Google, at the time of the internet giant’s announcement that it would be creating a European arm to its venture capital vehicle, with the aim of tapping into the ideas and money being generated by the continent’s emerging start-ups.

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A Touch of Disruption

Mobile technology perpetually progresses at a breathless rate, consistently inventing and reinventing the business practices in effect worldwide today. Tony White examines the apps and technologies that combine the connectedness of today’s world with the most lucrative new – and often untapped – revenue streams, identifying how both ingenious start-ups and multibillion-dollar enterprises are causing governments, businesses and consumers to rethink transportation, home life and work ethics.

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Africa’s Digital Revolution

Over the past five years, the African continent has been leapfrogging technological developments as undersea fibre-optic cables now encircle the continent, smartphones outsell computers four to one, and tech hubs flourish as incubators and accelerators of entrepreneurial acumen. Helen Blyth analyses the factors contributing to Africa’s digital revolution and the positive social and economic impacts that are emerging as a result.

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The Data Centre Dilemma

Behind our highly connected world lies a global network of data powerhouses – vast centres that power the every day technologies that we all take for granted. Far removed from the cutting-edge images of the Silicon Valley conglomerates that they serve, these centres have come under intense scrutiny for their reliance on ‘dirty’ energy sources more akin to those of industrial revolutions of years gone by. As such companies strive to combat the controversy derived from their data centre operations, Leonard Owen investigates the innovative strategies that some technology giants are choosing to adopt to clean up their act.

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28/01/2015 / 

The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) launches campaign to commemorate Singapore’s 50th anniversary and celebrate engineers’ nation-building contributions

The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) announced today the launch of 'IES-SG50', an IES initiative to commemorate Singapore’s 50th birthday in 2015 and IES’s 50th anniversary in 2016, celebrate contributions by engineers to Singapore’s economic, infrastructural and societal development and 50 years of engineering achievements in Singapore.

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27/01/2015 / 

World Bank: Poverty in Ethiopia down 33% since 2000

Agricultural growth has been the main driver of poverty reduction in Ethiopia since 2000, according to the World Bank Group’s latest Poverty Assessment. Poverty in Ethiopia fell from 44 percent in 2000 to 30 per cent in 2011, which translated to a 33 per cent reduction in the share of people living in poverty. This decline was underpinned by high and consistent economic growth, with progress largely driven by agricultural growth, investments in basic services and effective safety nets.

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