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Corporate tax evasion: off the menu?

Popular among Silicon Valley tech companies, a 'Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich' isn't something that you can eat, although as Richard Eskow at The Huffington Post notes, 'it can be used to deprive government of the funds needed to feed the poor'. Employed by certain large corporations, this 'innovative' tax avoidance technique involves using a combination of Irish and Dutch subsidiary companies to shift profits to low- or no-tax jurisdictions.

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With consumer markets in many developing countries across Africa, Asia and South America continuing to experience robust rates of growth, multinational FMCG companies are working hard to develop their brands and overall presence within these auspicious markets. Success is essential not only to increase, but also to defend, their existing stakes in the global marketplace. Georgina Cutler explores the various strategies implemented by the global FMCG conglomerates in the battle for the emergent markets.

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An Ascendant Archipelago

The Philippines has flourished since the turn of the decade, reporting strong growth figures that position it as among the most compelling locations in Asia to conduct business. However, as Tony White discovers, this tremendous potential is offset by flagging infrastructural spending – yet, should these challenges be overcome, The Philippines represents an inviting business destination to multinationals, as well as the custodian of its own success in the years ahead.

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A Revolution in the Making

Conventional perceptions of the Internet, communication and data processing are today being redefined by the ‘Internet of Things’ – a concept that is not only shifting the paradigm of the World Wide Web itself, but is also ushering in an industrial revolution on an entirely new scale.

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28/11/2014 / 

US drone regulations threaten to stifle commercial applications

The introduction of commercially viable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology – best represented in portable multi-rotor units frequently attributed the moniker of ‘drones’ – holds the capacity to transform the versatility of industries as wide-ranging as oil & gas, construction, environmental conservation and film-making. Yet regulatory bodies have often expressed concerns over the unimpeded flight of these whirring remote-controlled devices, and in the United States, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has unveiled its first set of rules – which have already been decried by many UAV aficionados as overly restrictive.

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26/11/2014 / 

Qatalum showcases innovations at upcoming ARABAL 2014

Qatalum is participating in the 18th edition of the Arab International Aluminium Conference and Exhibition (ARABAL), the most important trade event for the aluminium industry in the Middle East – held this year at the Gulf Hotel, in Manama, Bahrain, from 25-27 November, and hosted by Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA).

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