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A fair share

‘The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits’ – an article written by Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman, published in The New York Times in 1970 – popularised like no other paper the idea that a company’s sole purpose is to make money for its shareholders. In the context of the first anxieties of global competition, the article’s success, critics now argue, came not from the validity of its assertions, but rather from the business world’s desperate desire to believe in such a concept. Thus, the mantra of shareholder value maximisation was born, catalysing one the biggest shifts in the goals of modern business management.

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The Smart City Century

Urban planners in rapidly developing markets and mature regions alike are currently faced with the same mammoth task – namely, the creation of sustainable cities that are economically competitive and resilient, and that engage more effectively with their citizens. Gemma Carter hears from two industry experts – Prof. Carlo Ratti, Director of MIT’s Senseable City Lab, and Mr Ronald van Warmerdam, Project Co-ordinator of the Dutch-based TRANSFORM programme – on the innovations that make a ‘smart city’, and the major challenges that go hand in hand with investment in and implementation of smart technologies.

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Industry 4.0: The Future Factories of Asia

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the integration of its associated technologies is heralding the dawn of a new era in manufacturing, defined as Industry 4.0. In anticipation of his upcoming panel discussion at the 'Future Factories & Manufacturing Asia' conference as part of this year's MTA2015, Mr Deepak Achuthashankar – Industry Analyst of Industrial Automation & Process Control at Frost & Sullivan – discusses the convergence of digital platforms in Asia and their potential impact on manufacturing within the region.

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LNG: liquid assets

To mark a milestone 50 years of trade in liquefied natural gas, and ahead of her presentation at the Conflinks Financing LNG Megaprojects conference in London, Ms Melanie Lovatt – Finance Advisor at Poten & Partners – offers insight into the trends and challenges that the industry faces in securing its status as a major growth component of the world’s energy mix.

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Latest News

17/04/2015 / Diageo

Diageo unveils ambitious Water Blueprint

Cutting water use in half, replenishing water in water-stressed areas and returning all waste water back to the environment safely are just some of the industry leading targets published in the new water stewardship strategy from Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol. The Water Blueprint outlines how Diageo will protect and manage its water resources globally as the business expands in emerging markets. With a third of production now located in water-stressed areas, the strategy has been expanded to encompass the company’s broader global supply chain, which will enable better understanding and management of Diageo’s total impact on water.

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17/04/2015 / Mechel OAO

Mechel signs agreement with Russian Railways Transportation Service

Mechel OAO, one of the leading Russian mining and metals companies, has signed a new agreement with Russian Railways OAO’s Centre of Corporate Transportation Services, incorporating the organisation of cargo train traffic by reserved routes with fixed arrival and departure times.

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