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Firing up the trust machine

Venture capitalists are, by their very nature, pre-occupied with getting in early on game-changing technologies – and many are currently betting big that the next one will be 'blockchain'. At its heart, a shared digital ledger for recording transactions in a way that does not allow said record to be altered at a later date, blockchain promises to restore trust to systems.

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Mind the Gap

When it comes to gender parity in the workplace, the research on its economic benefits is plain for all to see: equality can push up profits and elevate reputation, not to mention the fact that it is simply more fair. Progress has certainly been made in recent years, although the stubborn persistence of the gender pay gap, together with the under-representation of women in leadership positions and specific industry sectors, alongside the existence of a more pervasive societal discrimination, prove that there is still much to achieve, as Gemma Kent reports.

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Networked For Efficiency

The biggest buzzword among the tech community today is not ‘cloud’ or even ‘3D printing’ but ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’. As sensors are added to more of the world’s physical infrastructure, the vast quantity of accumulated data reaches a point whereby traditional analysis is no longer adequate. Eric Payne takes a closer look at the hardware and software technologies that are emerging from the synergy of AI and IoT, with energy efficiency providing the impetus for many such developments.

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Embracing the ‘new normal’

For more than three decades, China has experienced rapid growth – often at double-digit rates – by implementing a strategy of high investment, strong export orientation and energy-intensive manufacturing. Now, in light of the many difficulties that have accompanied the immense benefits of this strategy, China is adapting its approach and has entered a new phase of economic development. Gemma Kent explores China’s so-called ‘new normal’, from economic diversification and the reduction of emissions to the accommodation of a more sustainable level of growth.

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