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A revolution in the making

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in Britain in the late 18th century – spreading to Western Europe and the US a few decades later – economic advance has been associated with manufacturing prowess. The period of transition from hand-crafted techniques to machinery, the increasing adoption of steam power, and the switch to coal as the fuel of choice, marked a unique turning point in history, triggering an unprecedented sustained growth in average incomes.

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The Reshoring Rise

For years, the rise of corporate globalisation, the global market place, and the international import and export of goods has driven US and European manufacturers towards an offshored Asian production strategy. Seeking to draw upon the benefits of reduced overseas labour salaries and strong supply chain infrastructure, the cost benefits of such a manufacturing system were hard to ignore. However, growing equilibrium between local and offshored manufacturing is causing industry to rethink its methods, leading to the rise of a localised reshoring tactic.

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Industrial Innovation

3D printing and additive manufacturing are undoubtedly important new manufacturing technologies, albeit not quite in the sense that is often described in the mainstream media. Eric Payne reports on the aspects of material research and marketing innovation that are most relevant for industry.

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A Country of Contrasts

Cambodia’s chequered history is giving way to renewed developmental vigour, particularly in the realms of tourism, manufacturing, real estate and agricultural export. Tony White describes the challenges and opportunities arising in the Asian nation today – and how the ubiquitous economic sway of China is further revolutionising Cambodian prospects across a host of industries.

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