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Reconfiguring the world's workshops

Speaking at the National People’s Congress earlier this year, China’s Premier Li Keqiang announced the implementation of a 2025 roadmap for harnessing smart technology in order to strengthen the Asian giant’s manufacturing base and accelerate its transformation from “manufacturing powerhouse” to “manufacturing superpower”. One would be forgiven for assuming China’s existing entitlement to the latter mantle, given the country’s impressive record in growing its share of the world’s production power from three per cent in 1990 to nearly one-quarter of global output today.

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Tiny Technology, Limitless Scale

Applicable to medicine, electronics, automotive technologies, construction and manufacturing, nanotechnology’s capacity for ingenuity is boundless. Tony White highlights some of the most promising nanotechnology advances, and also discovers that internationalisation and effective communication will be crucial for the full potential of the science to flourish.

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North Africa’s safe haven

Having successfully circumnavigated the volatility that continues to engulf much of North Africa, Morocco is positioning itself as the gateway for investors looking to tap into the riches of the African continent – the world’s fastest growing region today. Sarah Pursey explores the economic segments that are flourishing in the region’s most attractive investment haven.

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Industry 4.0: The Future Factories of Asia

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the integration of its associated technologies is heralding the dawn of a new era in manufacturing, defined as Industry 4.0. In anticipation of his upcoming panel discussion at the 'Future Factories & Manufacturing Asia' conference as part of this year's MTA2015, Mr Deepak Achuthashankar – Industry Analyst of Industrial Automation & Process Control at Frost & Sullivan – discusses the convergence of digital platforms in Asia and their potential impact on manufacturing within the region.

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