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A global malaise

On the eve of an international anti-corruption event held in London this month, footage that emerged of UK Prime Minister David Cameron joking with the Queen about the attendance of two “fantastically corrupt” countries – Nigeria and Afghanistan – was something of a diplomatic embarrassment; it also bolstered Cameron's image in the minds of some, positioning him on the side of ‘good’, ‘clean’ nations unafraid to call out the bad eggs. In reality however, such things are rarely that clear cut.

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Troubled waters

Environmental stresses such as climate change and population growth will have an enormous impact on the world’s waterways that cross international borders, a new UN report concludes – yet economic development may have consequences just as far-reaching.

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African Lion in the Making

Over the past decade, a country once perceived as the epitome of deprivation has seen consistently high growth, embracing foreign investment and pouring money into infrastructure. From energy and food-processing to textiles, transport and tourism, Ethiopia is booming, and is striving to become a middle-income economy by 2025. Gemma Kent reports on the myriad opportunities available in Africa’s oldest independent country, alongside the challenges it must overcome in order to realise its ambitions.

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Promise in the pipeline

Ever since the Romans brought pipe engineering to Britain over 2,000 years ago, it has been the preferred form of transporting water. Now, a group of UK engineers at Mole Solutions are developing pipeline technology that could be used for everything from hauling aggregates to delivering palletised FMCG. With the company's impressive innovation pointing towards a revolutionary new era of freight transportation, Managing Director Dr Roger Miles describes the myriad potential applications and progress in making this safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly solution a commercial reality. Sarah Pursey reports.

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19/08/2016 / 

OSEA2016 to shine spotlight on optimisation and sustainability strategies amid tough market conditions

OSEA2016 – Asia’s premier oil & gas industry event will hold its 21st edition from 29th November to 2nd December this year at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Playing host to more than 1,300 exhibitors from 49 countries and regions, the major oil & gas event will focus on presenting a showcase of solutions and technology related to asset optimisation, improving operational efficiency, and achieving sustainable growth.

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