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Changing channels

The Suez Canal is a cherished national symbol in Egypt, and a combination of patriotism and the lure of high interest rates recently brought the nation’s public out in their droves to purchase a stake in an expansion project that could prove transformational to the fortunes of their country. So-called Suez Canal investment certificates went on sale in September to help fund the government’s much-lauded US$8.4 billion project – touted by President Fattah Al-Seesi as a bold step to reinvigorate Egypt’s economy, which has been floundering since the overthrow of the Mubarak regime in 2011.

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Extracting Insight

While it might have failed to live up to the extravagant claims put forward by early idealists, ‘Big Data’ is undergoing a rapid resurgence as businesses across an increasingly diverse range of industrial sectors embrace large-scale data analytics to extract new, valuable insights from vast stockpiles of previously unmanageable data. Marius Goubert investigates the impact and high potential of Big Data techniques in the domain of logistics and supply chain management, and how tech giants are pioneering new hardware, software and information services designed to address a growing market projected to be worth US$114 billion by 2018.

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On the Road to Automation

Commercial transportation is a sector that is no stranger to change and innovation. Consistently adopting its model to suit rising consumer demand and emerging markets, new strides in autonomous driving are today forcing a complete rethink of the movement of freight, the role of the driver and the very concept of the fleet. Leonard Owen investigates the recent developments in self-driving truck technologies, to ascertain whether or not they can truly deliver on their promises.

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Growth beyond the Copperbelt

As Zambia celebrates its 50th anniversary as an independent nation, Sarah Pursey examines the mineral wealth that the central African country’s progress has been pegged to over the decades, the implications of this as the world’s fourth commodity super-cycle winds down, and how looking beyond the riches that lie underfoot in the Copperbelt Province in pursuit of economic diversification – the holy grail for many African nations – will be vital for Zambia to achieve sustainable growth in the years ahead.

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Latest News

22/10/2014 / Underground gas storage

Underground gas storage capacities grew 5% in 2013

CEDIGAZ, the International Center for Natural Gas Information, has released today the updated version of its Worldwide Underground Gas Storage (UGS) database. According to Cedigaz, worldwide working gas capacity stood at 399 bcm on 1st January 2014 – a five per cent growth over the previous year.

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