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Testing mettle

It’s been five years since China knocked the United States off the top spot to become the world's most prolific manufacturer, having doubled its GDP per capita in little more than a decade – a feat that took industrialising Britain some 150 years to achieve. With it, the Chinese development story created one of the most impressive booms ever for commodities – a so-called ‘super-cycle’– the likes of which had not been experienced since the immense reconstruction efforts that ensued post-WW2.

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Brexit Impacts

On June 23rd 2016, the British people will vote in a referendum on whether they wish for the United Kingdom to remain in or leave the European Union. A vote to ‘leave’ would be a major geopolitical event, but what would Britain's EU exit (or 'Brexit') mean for industry in the UK, continental Europe and the rest of the world? Eric Payne reports on foreseeable post-exit scenarios.

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E-cigarettes: Much huffing and puffing

Little over a decade since their launch, electronic cigarettes (ECs) today represent a global industry with sales exceeding US$6 billion last year. Yet the devices have increasingly generated heated debate surrounding their safety, efficacy and regulatory control, while advocates of the immediate formal use of ECs opine their usefulness in reducing the burden of smoking-related disease – other experts urge caution until more information and better evidence become available. Dr Robert Combes reports.

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Promise in the pipeline

Ever since the Romans brought pipe engineering to Britain over 2,000 years ago, it has been the preferred form of transporting water. Now, a group of UK engineers at Mole Solutions are developing pipeline technology that could be used for everything from hauling aggregates to delivering palletised FMCG. With the company's impressive innovation pointing towards a revolutionary new era of freight transportation, Managing Director Dr Roger Miles describes the myriad potential applications and progress in making this safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly solution a commercial reality. Sarah Pursey reports.

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27/06/2016 / 

Inaugural transit of the expanded Panama Canal

The expanded Panama Canal has been inaugurated with the first voyage along the route – a Neo-Panamax vessel owned by COSCO (China's largest integrated shipping company), which sailed through the new Atlantic-facing Agua Clara Locks on the morning of 26th June. In the afternoon, the vessel – carrying 9,472TEU – reached the Pacific-facing Cocoli Locks, where the official inauguration ceremony took place.

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