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Searching for the next digital giant

Since the launch in 1993 of the Mosaic browser – largely credited for popularising the world wide web – the commercial growth of the internet has been on the radar of venture capitalists, who experienced record-setting growth through investment in the sector from 1997-2000. By 2001 however, the so-called dot-com bubble was deflating at full speed, with most of these tech companies burning through their venture capital, having never made a profit.

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What Rural Communities Have In-Store

Technology is breaking the barriers that formerly distinguished city-dwelling consumers from suburban and rural businesses. Tony White relates how entrepreneurship and unified platforms of communication are serving to connect rural producers with growing customer bases – as well as the platforms and incentives empowering this trend.

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Winning the Race for Gas

Coal-fired power plants are the biggest single source of manmade greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for one third of all carbon dioxide emissions globally. But what if there was a way to harness the energy trapped in deeply embedded coal seams – and other types of rock – while conducting neither the traditional mining and burning process nor any highly controversial fracking? Gemma Carter explores the latest version of underground coal gasification, a relatively old technology that has been resurrected.

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Revival of the Baltic Tigers

Having been struck by some of Europe’s worst recessions in 2009, the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have since experienced a remarkable revival of animal spirits, clawing back impressive growth to reclaim their title as the Baltic Tigers. Sarah Pursey reports on the impressive resurgence, and the region’s concurrent shift from Russian influence towards European integration.

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15/04/2014 / China

WGC report predicts sustained strong gold demand in China over the next four years

A major report published today by the World Gold Council – entitled 'China's gold market: progress and prospects' – suggests that private sector demand for gold in China is set to increase from the current level of 1,132 tonnes(t)1 per year to at least 1,350t by 20172. Following the record level of Chinese demand in 2013, which saw the country become the world’s largest gold market, the report suggests that while 2014 is likely to see consolidation, the succeeding years are likely to see sustained growth.

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14/04/2014 / Kuwait

Samsung Engineering signs US$1.62bn Kuwait Clean Fuels Project contract

Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd, the first and largest engineering company in Korea, entered Kuwait with the KNPC Clean Fuels Project (CFP) worth US$3.8 billion and signed the contract at the official signing ceremony with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC). The signing ceremony was attended by Samsung Engineering’s CEO and President, Mr Park Choong-Heum, and Kuwait’s Minister of Oil, Mr Ali Saleh Al-Omair.

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