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Going the distance

Given a flurry of recent announcements from various international airlines, it appears that so-called ultra-longhaul flights are making a comeback in commercial aviation. UAE-based carrier Emirates will launch its Dubai–Panama City service (17 hours, 35 minutes) as soon as February next year, to claim the dubious title of world’s longest non-stop longhaul flight – albeit temporarily.

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Reviving the Silk Road: Path to Prosperity?

Since Xi Jinping’s delivery of back-to-back speeches on the subject in Kazakhstan and Indonesia in 2013, building a modern-day version of the ancient Silk Road has become the Chinese President’s signature foreign policy initiative. If successful the scheme would become the world’s largest soft-power project since the post-WWII Marshall Plan, but its implementation will be far from easy, as Gemma Carter reports.

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The Evolution of Aviation

Measuring a colossal 92 metres in length and able to carry up to 10 tonnes of freight for distances of 1,600 miles, Airlander 10 is today the world’s largest aircraft. Designed and manufactured by UK-based Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), it is the first in a planned series of hybrid airships promising to usher in a new era of sustainable, secure and economical air travel. HAV’s Business Development Director of Commercial Markets, Mr Andy Barton, describes the fascinating developmental journey of the Airlander, and the crucial role it is poised to play in the evolution of aviation. Sarah Pursey reports.

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Keeping Track

The logistics business has always revolved around information. Whether in terms of route-planning or stock margin optimisation to provide maximally efficient just-in-time delivery. The volume, velocity and variety of data to which companies now have access means that more than ever it will be those with the capability to analyse and act upon insights gathered that will win big. Eric Payne reports.

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05/02/2016 / 

Google, Amazon and other data centres underestimate coal usage by 30% or more, says Lux

Tech giants like Google and Amazon might be incredibly sophisticated about data in their core businesses. lronically however, when it comes to measuring the carbon footprint of their data centres, such companies are utilising crude and outdated analytics, finds Lux Research, who has discovered that coal consumption amongst those players is higher than initially thought.

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