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Responding to risk

The tragic accident earlier this year at the Soma coal mine in Turkey’s western province of Manisa – an explosion that left 301 people dead and over 80 injured – should have been a wake-up call for the country’s authorities, pressing home the need to improve its abysmal record on mining safety. This latest tragedy represents Turkey’s worst ever industrial accident, yet the nation has a long legacy of failure when it comes to keeping its miners out of harm’s way, with at least 3,000 mine fatalities since 1941. Protesters lambasted an obsession with profitability at the expense of safety. An added bone of contention is the alleged corruption that some say has led government officials to turn a blind eye to safety breaches in return for kickbacks.

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Staying Ahead of the Decline Curve

While the US shale gas and tight oil boom might have brought about one of the most rapid boosts in energy production in history, North America’s resurgence as a world-leading petroleum power is playing out against an evolving backdrop as technological advances and new supply sources contribute to a far broader transformation of the global energy sector. Marius Goubert investigates how a concerted effort by governments and international oil companies to open new frontiers in both conventional and unconventional oil and gas supply is redrawing the map of global production, downstream refining and overseas trade.

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Radioactive Responsibilities

As global demand for energy continues to soar, and regulations surrounding carbon emissions tighten, nuclear power is staking its claim as a comparatively low-carbon solution. Yet the sector has long been surrounded by questions of operational reliability and responsible waste storage. Leonard Owen speaks to French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency’s (ANDRA) International Division Director, Mr Gerald Ouzounian, as he reports on the developments at the Cigeo repository – a facility that not only strives to solve the radioactive waste conundrum, but also seeks to renew public confidence in the nuclear energy sector.

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From Pariah to Economic Poster Child

From a failing post-war 'planned economy' that saw much of the country's populace wallowing in famine, to an increasingly liberalised, vibrant marketplace now known as one of the main rice baskets and workshops of the world, Vietnam's evolution over the past four decades has seen it ascend to become one of South East Asia's most attractive destinations for investment. However, a recent dispute with China over maritime territory in the South China Sea has served to highlight some of the underlying challenges that Vietnam must yet overcome as it strives to achieve sustainable and equitable growth in the years ahead.

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18/09/2014 / MINEX Russia

MINEX Russia examines industrial ramifications of sanctions

The escalation of sanctions against Russia and the possible consequences for business is currently one of the hottest discussion topics worldwide. The results of embargos imposed by Russia on the import of agricultural produce from countries that introduced sanctions against Russia had an immediate impact – some types of food and groceries immediately disappeared from stores. However, the true damage caused by sanctions to the Russian economy is not so immediately obvious.

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18/09/2014 / Saudi Agriculture 2014

Saudi Agriculture expo attracts 25,000 visitors

Saudi Agriculture 2014, the 33rd international agriculture, water and agro-industry trade show at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre, concluded with exhibitors and visitors applauding the largest agro-food expo in the Middle East. Around 400 companies and individual exhibitors from 40 countries participated in the premier agriculture expo, which recorded more than 25,000 visitors over four days.

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